Jewish Life

Jewish Life at Step It Up

If you’re looking for a Shomer Shabbat camp with Kosher food and the highest level of basketball development and personal development you’ve found the right camp. Camp Step It Up is excited to host hundreds of modern Orthodox Jewish campers grades 4-12 from over 30 Jewish Day Schools around the U.S.

Jewish Life is run by our camp Rabbi who along with the rest of our religious staff, which include Yeshiva University basketball players and Jewish day school kids, including many former campers, who serve as counselors.

We seek to continue the Jewish education and religious lifestyle that your has received at home. Consistent with that, before the summer we talk with parents to get an idea of what objectives are a priority to the family (benching after meals, attendance at minyanim, learning, etc.).  This way, we can ensure that your camper’s time at Camp Step It Up is an authentic, honest and genuine bridge from the home experience.

Not only are the campers present at minyanim, but they’re constantly encouraged to participate and taught to lead minyanim and lain. We aim to develop leaders not only on the basketball court but religious leaders as well. We inspire and teach our campers to take ownership of davening. The spiritual growth at Camp Step It Up is evident and we’ve had great feedback from campers and parents alike.

What we have found from Camp Step It Up graduates is that instilling such leadership and independence at a young age has actually helped them be proud and take control of their Judaism once they arrive in college.  This is part of the overall character development that we seek to instill in all our SIU campers.

Step It Up is all about the growth of our campers, not just in basketball but as Jews as well.

Is the food at Step It Up Kosher?

All of the food served at Step It Up is Glatt Kosher. Hashgacha is under the supervision of the OU. We have washing stations at every meal and kids are able to bench after meals. Chalav Yisrael is available upon request.

What’s Shabbat like at camp?

Step It Up provides a truly unforgettable Shabbat experience.

Kabbalat Shabbat is followed by a traditional Friday night meal, followed by zmirot, divre Torah and benching. Shabbat morning services are led by Rabbi Danieli as well as the rest of our religious staff and campers. Following Shabbat lunch, campers have the option to rest, learn, take part in our Shabbat programming or play some pickup games if they play ball on Shabbat. At 5:30 pm we get together for Mincha followed by learning, Seuda Shlishit, Maariv and an inspirational outdoor Havdalah.

Is there learning as well?

Rabbi Greenbaum learns with a group of boys every afternoon. We have boys who bring their Sfarim and learn daily and some who learn a few times a week.

What do you do for Fast Days?

Rabbi Greenbaum runs a meaningful Tisha B’Av program led with the reading of Eicha. We also screen educational movies/documentaries and share stories during the day followed by a break fast meal.

For Shiva Asar B’Tamuz, we wake the campers up early and have a big meal before they go to minyan and head back to bed to nap or rest in their rooms. The campers are chaperoned by staff members who are fasting as well.

It goes without saying that no physical activity is required on any fast day or Shabbat at camp.