When Eitan came to us last year and told me he was interested in attending camp Step-it-up, a basketball camp in New Hampshire, I was initially reluctant to send him there.  But after talking to approximately two dozen parents, current and past campers, I decided to give my son the opportunity to challenge himself and learn new skills on the court.  It seems that all of the positive feedback I heard from folks, who have sent their kids there, is absolutely true! Eitan came home with a new sense of confidence, a renewed passion to push himself beyond his perceived boundaries and a better understanding of what it takes to achieve success on and off the court! He shared with me his daily routine that included early morning drills on the court, talks about working hard, not taking short cuts, nutrition and respect. When I asked him about the coaches, he told me that they were all excellent. And when he wasn’t sweating buckets on the court, he appreciated all the fun day trips and activities to unwind and just have fun! The experience of living in the dorms gave him a taste for what it’s like to be more independent, an added bonus! I don’t think he could have gotten onto his high school basketball team had he not had the experience at your camp! 

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating a camp that truly aims to teach our kids how to reach their own personal best and at the same time have fun! You make our job as parents just a tad easier 🙂 !

With admiration and gratitude, 

Liat & Benjy