What Shaje had to say…

“Coach Yogev and the Staff at Step It Up are masters in their craft. Step It Up helped me completely transform my body in preparation for my college basketball career. I went from barely being able to dunk when wide open, to being able to dunk on defenders whenever I pleased.
Something that goes unadvertised with Step it Up is that the work ethic the Coaches instill in a camper actually gets carried over to other aspects of life. The work ethic that Step it up instilled in me was actually carried over to my schoolwork and classwork. College basketball might be a totally new level, but the college classroom is also levels above the high school classroom.
After Step It Up I was able to apply a “go-getter” never quit attitude to studying and schoolwork. This made the transition to college much easier for me overall and eventually helped me in my professional life and will continue do so.”