My name is Merav, I am Natis oldest sister. 

I hope beezrat Hashem everything is going well! 

I am writing you this email to thank you… 

Firstly, you should know that he looks up to you tremendously and during this time in his life- due to a family situation- he really was in need for a role model that would believe in him and be there for him and the support you showed him through out the summer meant so much to him. 

Nati, by nature, is a very closed person. Growing up, we all noticed that it was difficult for him to fully express himself and I believe this led to low confidence. 

However, when he got back from Step it Up this past summer, my siblings and I noticed a huge transformation. 

Nati started speaking more and it’s obvious that he makes an effort to engage in conversation and make constant eye- contact. Moreover, he started loving himself and realizing how much good he has to offer‎. He holds himself to high- standards and is honest with himself when he is not doing his best. 

Nati constantly speaks about the different lessons you taught him in camp and how certain quotes you said don’t leave his mind. 

Thank you so much for dedicating so much time to him and for really impacting him. 

I am sure you are very busy but if you ever have time to reach out to him and give him some “chizuk” I would really appreciate it.