Hey Yogev, Shana tova, I just wanted to let you know how different life is for me right now because of my summer. My discipline is amazing in every aspect of life from focusing in school and keeping ahead of my work to on the court.

I play pick up with these kids from school who I played with last year and struggled with, and now I see how much I’ve improved. My rebounding is stronger, I have a set shot that I know what I’m doing wrong when I’m not hitting, my court IQ increase dramatically, and most of all I have this fire in me when I play that I never had before. I’ve never been more confident in my game and in myself. There are things I can say I learned at Step it Up and try to explain to people my experience, but it’s not something I can easily explain. Rather I just know I’ve grown as an individual and as a player and my mentality is far from where it used to be. I’ve become tougher mentally and it has helped me through my tryouts which were unbelievably tough and the mentality has made life easier.

What really opened my eyes to how much Step It Up helped was by my tryouts. It felt so similar to a day in camp except a little more extreme. There was a warm up with high knees forward backward and sideways with sprints sprinkled in and duck walks up and down the court. There was no walking allowed during the tryouts at all and I couldn’t help but laugh because I had never been more prepared for a tryout in my life. It hit me hard and I was dead tired and sore but I was so prepared because of Step It Up. So I just wanted to let you know that Step It Up was a life changing experience and thank you for everything. Thank you Yogev and all the best