Just wanted to say hi, wish you a Shana Tova and update you on Aaron.  We last spoke over a year ago at the end of the summer, when we were in NY and trying to figure out what to do with Aaron for his 11th grade schoolyear. It was that phonecall and conversation with you, that was the impetus for us to push to get him into Waterbury (CT) Yeshiva High School at the last minute (wasn’t an easy task). You were also nice enough to meet up with Aaron on short notice. We all really appreciated that. The “no pressure” attitude and  independence (us being far away in Boca) there in Waterbury was, and continues to be great for him. His relationship with us and his siblings has been fantastic. It’s a lot more pleasant to parent him from afar, and thankfully, he has grown to appreciate his parents and the relationship we have all worked hard to foster and maintain. Aaron has really taken responsibility for himself, his actions etc. and has matured leaps and bounds over the past year plus. This past summer, he came back home to Boca for six weeks. His Dad found him a job working for a property manager getting some homes ready for rental.  He   worked hard, learned a lot, made great money and was tired at the end of the day (no time to be bored). He saved up enough money and planned a trip to LA with a friend to visit his brother, another great experience. 

As you know, every person’s life experiences, big and small,  shape them as a human being.  Although Aaron was only at Step it Up for three weeks, those weeks were such a powerful experience and the lessons learned there will no doubt remain throughout his life. Thank you Yogev. From the email(s) and reading what the parents and kids have to say, it seems Step It Up continues to be a “game changer” for many boys. We (Aaron and I) recommended the camp to our good friends The Maisels and I know that their son Shaya had a fantastic experience, like no other, this past summer. 

Keep up the great work Yogev.  May you continue your mission in good health, providing so many with a unique life changing experience.